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Spring Cleaning.

Hey so I am trying to clean out my house. (i own way to much crap) and i figured rather than chucking it out that maybe i could sell some of it. I have a lot of Supernatural books and magazines that are just gathering dust and a couple other things.

This is all of the supernatural items i am selling (items pictured but not listed are already sold)

Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Witches Canyon by Jeff Mariotte
Bone Key by Keith R.A. DeCandido

Official Companion season 3 written by Nicholas Knight

the Supernatural monster guide by Alex Irvine

BLACK Australian dark culture magazine issue #2 Sept 2008 Supernatural article and cover

Australian Sci Fi Now magazine issue #4 2008 Supernatural article.

Metallica things

I am also selling all of my So What magazine. it is the Metallica fan club magazine that you can only get if you are a member of the fan club.

i have
Volume 15 - no 1, no 2, no3, no4, and Volume 16 no 1,

I also have 
The So What- the good the mad and the ugly book.
Learn how to play guitar with Metallica

tour books

I have the tour books from 

Damaged Justice tour 88-89
Wherever i may roam 91-93
M 2003-2004


Iron maiden 
Fear of the dark tour 1992

and Megadeth
Oxidation of the Nations 1991
this one is slightly damaged along the spine and front and back cover see pic.

I also have an a5 photo of megadeth signed by the band.


I have the following magazines

100 films Cover February 2008
Batman Begins cover June 2005
Lord of the Rings cover January 2002

Cinefantastiquie Evil Dead III cover VOl 23 no 1


Official Australian playstation magazine evil dead cover April 2001

I haven't included prices because i am happy to negotiate. but be aware that some of these items cost me upwards of $60 to purchase new.  Also please be aware that i live in Australia so take into account postage if you are in another country and that it is done by weight.

So if anyone is interested in buying something feel free to comment below. or you have questions. or you can PM me.

Edited to add: I've had it pointed out to me that i need to point out the following...
all prices i list will be AUS $ dollars.
Tags: real life update, selling stuff
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