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avengers-xbb art post

This is my art post for th avengers_xbb  For my author i got  msdori ho wrote an awesome cross over with the television series Revolution 2012. 

postingbanner this little light

TITLE: This little light of mine
FANDOM: NBC's Revolution
PAIRING: Clint/Coulson (background, implied)
RATING: Teen and up (language)
WARNINGS: Canon-typical violence
SUMMARY: An unknown force is about to shut down every power source in the world, including Tony's arc reactor, permanently. Jarvis has found information about something that may keep Tony alive, but the Avengers are miles away with no means of transportation when the power goes out.

Unfortunately the story has not been posted yet but will update when it does.

icon this liitle light


this littlelightdivider night
this littlelightdivider

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