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SPN Reverse Bang 2012. Dovahkin Master Art Post

This is my entry for the 2012 spn_reversebang
Prompt no 1070
I submitted the following video. (once again finding more inspiration making something totally au to the actual show)

i_bleed_magenta was the wonderful author who claimed my story.  her story is called Dragon Born . Its a medieval AU with Destiel slash.

Summary: Dean has spent his whole life running away, from his family, from angry mobs, from everything but Cenweard. Then he meets the strange man in the woods, and wonders if maybe he's been running towards something all this time.

its great check it out at Archive of our own here

dovahkinartposting banner

I made the above banner for the posting master post. the dragon is from the game skyrim and the two manips of Dean and Castiel i made myself.


This is the main piece of art i made that the rest of the pieces are based on. 


Castiel the wizard. I got to be honest. although i like the fact that the blending of skintones worked better than it normally does, there is just something about Misha's head on this (Raph Fiennes) body. I cant tell if its too big or too small though.


This one (okay im an artist. im not supposed to like my own work right?) has its problems too. Jensen's forehead was not as big as  (jamie campbell bower from Camelot) and so the hairline blows. and the hair was originally blond. although there is this wierd kind of purple highlight to it i kind of like the way it turned out. ( i need to practice more at changing people's hair color etc.)


This is the divider. i don't know why but i really like tattoo like art for dividers. or just a simple image. 


and last but definitely not least icons everyone should have an icon to post with there big bang fic.

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