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MasterBlaster runs Bordertown!

 This is my master fic list... its not much but at least its a little more organised than it was

(updated 20/06/2012)



Flame of Vengeance (Dean/Cas, Crowley, Gabriel, Sam, NC17 28,444)
Fire consumes everything. The ones you love, your life and your soul. Dean Winchester is meant to be the devil's red right hand but instead he's running from his fate. Running from anything that can burn and leaving nothing but ash and death behind him. Then one day he meets Castiel and he discovers that there are more than just demons trying to kill him. To survive he must come to terms with what he is and face his darkest fear.
With special guest appearances by Coyote, Impala, Archangels, Crowley, and Anna. Descriptions of the open plains and Mesas of the wild west. Ghostrider riding a flaming horse, calls for vengeance, a penance stare, a lot of fire and burnt demons. It calls on a mix of detail from the comics and the movies (sorry but there is no Nicholas Cage in this one.)
Master Post part I † part II † Part III † Part IV

It's funnier in Enochian (Dean/Cas, Michael, Raphael. NC17 21,447)
on December 12 2012, a terrorist group calling themselves the Sons of Enoch, launched a simultaneous viral terrorist attack in over 150 major cities across the United States. US Marine Dean Winchester is recalled from active duty in Afghanistan and finds himself in a world devastated by the Enochian virus. Through this he must travel to find his brother. Along the way he meet’s Jimmy Novak A genetic Immunologist trying to get to the CDC offices in Spokane Washington.
Master post †  part I † part II †  Part III

The Crimson Prince (Dean/Cas, Dean/Alistair, Castiel/Meg. NC17 31,557)
The golden age of Piracy occurred in the later half of the 17th Century. Pirates were welcome in Port Royal for the influx in wealth and population that they brought with them. The most famous Pirate to sail the seven seas was the Crimson Prince. When the young James Castiel Novak finds out that his best friend Dean Campbell was killed by the Crimson Prince he vows that he will do anything in his power to avenge his friend’s death.
master post † prologue † part I † part II; †  part III † part IV †  part V and prologue

As We Sleep Among The Dead (Dean/Cas, Sam, Bobby. R 9,130)
SPN/L4D Dean wakes from a coma to find that the world ended while he was asleep. he finds himself alone in a world where the dead walk and Dean sets out to find his car, his brother and his fallen angel.
Part I † Part II

Not strong enough to stay away (Dean/Jimmy, Dean/Castiel, Sam, John, Zachariah NC-17 5,827)
Zachariah wammies Dean to teach him a lesson about faith by making him a priest. But will Dean Winchester actually learn the lesson the Angel is trying to teach him?

Forgive you? Forget you. The end... (Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel R 31.4k)
Castiel stood to face the prophet’s archangel as Dean went to stop Sam. When Castiel regains consciousness at Bobby’s house, He finds he is human and that Dean failed. Lucifer walks the earth and Dean Winchester has been dragged to damnation so that Michael cannot use him as his vessel. So with an impending Apocalypse can Castiel save Dean even if Dean doesn’t want to be saved?
† Masterpost † Part 1 † part 2 † part 3 † part 4 † Credits † 

Suicide and Redemption (Gen pg 2.5k)
It ended up being a Coda for the episode "It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester." It’s what happened between the death of Samhain and the next day. Sam Dean and Castiel POV.

Like a touch from hell (Dean/Castiel Nc-17 3.2k)
Dean has become a demon and Cas takes it personally.

My Apocalypse (Dean, R  )
Dean is in hell, torture, violence

Fixxxer (John, Dean, Sam, Bobby, OFC, Nc17 incomplete)
John goes on a hunt in Arizona and finds a little more than he bargained for. 17 yrs later Dean and Sam are still looking... 
part 1part 2† incomplete

Heat of the moment (Dean, Sam pg13)
Its hot and Dean cant sleep.

Stained in me (Dean/Castiel NC17)
Castiel has doubts and feelings he doesn't understand. Dean just wants to teach him what it's like to be human. Anything to keep Dean's mind from the darkness
co written with angelicmercy
part1part2† part 3† part4part5† (incomplete)

Candy Cane (Gabriel/Candy, Jimmy PG-13 403)
Gabriel eats Candy while Jimmy watches.

Original Pieces

RAGE (script NC-17)
6 friends go camping to tell ghost stories under the witches tree and get more than they bargained for

The Darkness (NC-17)
A group of friends go exploring and old abandoned sewer system and find something that doesnt want to be disturbed

The Oak Tree (NC-17)
A woman in the woods passes her days under the oak tree she planted as a child and with the man she loves.

Bernard Smyth Says No (NC-17)
A doctor talks of a patient he is treating in an asylum but all is not quite what it seems.
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