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So I have decided to write a list of things that i want to accomplish or do before i get another year older. MY birthday is in april so it gives me quite a few months to get some stuff done in. so im writing a kind of unnofficial bucket list to keep track of what the hell i am doing. that way i can add to it and tick of each thing as i get to do it.

  1. Go to the Opera. ive never been i think it would be cool. im thinking La triviata
  2. Shoot a gun. preferably a winchester Rifle
  3. Ride a motorbike or at the very least get a ride with some one else
  4. Play a whole song on the guitar with out stuffing up and needing to look at the sheet music
  5. Post on lj a minimum of once a week
  6. Go on a Date. actually i think it would be cool to do one of those speed dating things. or have some one take me dancing. or dinner. hell having some one to take me on a date would be good too lol.
  7. Go Dancing
  8. Go ice skating
  9. Go skiing
  10. Get fit enough to climb the thousand steps with out having a cardio infarction lol.
  11. Write something epically awesome
  12. Get it published.
  13. Take up Archery
  14. Make a film. my own film instead of someone elses.
  15. Tell the truth.
  16. finalize my divorce. 
  17.  I have never had a manicure.
  18. or a pedicure.
  19. get another tattoo.
  20. pass all of my classes. Seriously this must be done.
  21. get over my awkwardbedroomtalk problem.
  22. Improve my sewing skills
  23. Draw a picture for fandom.
  24. Draw something or anything.
  25. make something crafty with my computer
  26. figure out CSS coding so i can make my own layout and get better at web design.
  27. loose two dress sizes
  28. teach samantha to swim.
  29. make an article of clothing.
  30. Have an orgasm. one would do but a lot would be nicer.
  31.  Get used to wearing high heels so i can wear them with out falling over.
  32. buy more beautiful shoes.
  33. Finish the DeanCasBigBang
  34. Be less of a social retard. my friends don't talk to me coz i don't talk to them right?
  35. Make something with my hands.
  36.  Get a laptop
  37. throw a party
  38. get on top of my finances
  39. Don't get disconnected (phone, net, etc)
  40. Give to a charity
  41. learn to get upside down on the pole
  42. read one self help book
  43. read one book off my Classic books that i should have read by now list
  44. Get a hair cut
  45. Dress up for Halloween
  46.  Karaoke. I so want to belt out some 80's classics in front of people!
 I am thinking that i will add more coz i had this whole plan if like a hundred things but apperently i couldn't think of that many..
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